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Handle sets generally do not lock on the handle part, but come with a deadbolt to secure the door. We can key your entry set like the rest of your door knobs if you order the same brand. Most handle sets are available with single cylinder, double cylinder deadbolts, or as a dummy set.


Single Door Entry: Usually if you have just one door, you’ll want a handle set with a single cylinder deadbolt. The deadbolt will lock with a key on the outside, and lock or unlock with a thumb turn on the inside.

Double Front Door Entry: If you have a double front door where one side is generally inactive while the other is always active, you will need a combination of two  handle sets. For the active side, you’ll need a handleset with a single cylinder deadbolt. Usually, the active side will close and latch to the inactive side and the deadbolt is latched into the inactive door edge. For the inactive door, you may want to order a dummy handle set. This gives you the look of a complete working set, but doesn’t have all of the mechanisms – perfect for an inactive door.

We also have Emtek Mortise Handle Sets available. Please contact us for more information.